Materials exported from 3Dsmax as a MTL File

Hi All,

I’ve been downloading models from 3Dsky with Skimp, but the materials aspect is always confusing. My latest run in is a MTL file that I don’t know what to do with. The only thing I can open it with is notepad, so I’m pasting a screenshot of what that looks like when I open it. Any idea as to what I’m supposed to do with this file and how to get it to work as a material in Vray?


The MTL file is like the instructions for the OBJ file to load its textures.
Are you opening the OBJ file in Skimp or using a different 3d file (.3ds, fbx)?

I haven’t tried Skimp, not sure how it works but seems like it can import OBJs.

The file I’m importing into SketchUp via Skimp is an obj.

The MTL file contains information about the materials in the model and can the locations for things like the different material maps.

If it is present and containts the locations, then Skimp will import the diffuse texture to use in SketchUp.
The MTL file needs to be in the same folder for Skimp to see it

Not all MTL files are the same and often the program that exported them doesn’t contain the information to match up the textures with the object. I often find that objs don’t import very well into SketchUp or blender.

If i have the choice of file type - i will try and use FBX files and I import them into SketchUp with Transmutr, I find that is more reliable
Transmuter will create Enscape/V-ray proxies also and will write the information for the maps that SketchUp can’t use.