Material Finishes turn into solid colors

Hi all,
I am having this problem using 2020 sketchup. So when I apply my materials to my objects, everything looks fine. But once I click on my scenes, all of the textured materials disappear. The color that resembles the material, for example, I have a brick wall but my computer will glitch and instead of the wall being brick it will just be a solid red color. My file size is fine, and I can get the materials back if I exit out of my file, reopen, and apply the material by clicking 4 times. Weird, I know. My textured materials also disappear if I try and load certain things from 3d warehouse into my file. I have tried multiple computers Mac and PC. Would appreciate anybody’s input

It would be easier to give you a precise answer if you share your SketchUp model file but my guess is that you have the face style for the scenes set to Shaded, not Shaded with Texture. You would need to change edit the face style, update the style and update the scenes to change that.

Or the model scale is off.

It could even be that the scale of the components is wrong so the texture is compressed.


I think you may have, like as @DaveR mentioned, set the textures as “Shaded” instead of “Shaded with Texture”.

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