Material_doc & Ruby_doc

There two icons are on my desktop after upgrading to 2018. Could they have anything to do with the fact when I look for materials or components stored in my local special folder don’t show up

A new major version of SketchUp is a separate installation (with its own settings). Usually it creates (without user consent, like most Windows apps) three icons on the desktop: SketchUp, Layout and Style Builder.

  • Can you describe the icons (instead of making a mystery)?
  • Can you open SketchUp preferences and set up the file paths to your components and materials? Can you now search and find them? As far as I know the latest version of SketchUp should be able to import some settings from older versions.


Here the two icons material_doc and ruby_doc

So my other issue is that when look/ search for materials or component stored in my computer through Sketchup . Nothing shows up in the folders in which they are kept.

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