Material direction question

I’m trying to create a vertical & horizontal wood texture.

I load them as separate materials but the direction of the material won’t change.
I’m trying to avoid changing the material rotation on every single face of my objects.

Can someone explain what is going on and how I can resolve?



You could check this video out on creating texture blocks if you haven’t already:

Why would you do that? There’s no reason to create vertical and horizontal versions of your texture materials. You can rotate the material as needed. All of the pieces in this model were textured from a single horizontal texture.

Lathe Stand

I have dozens of faces, to rotate the texture on everyone is a huge time suck… :wink:

You only need to rotate the material once. After that, sample the rotated material to apply it to other faces that need the same orientation. Tap Alt after getting the Paint Bucket tool and sample from the desired face.

Here’s an example. I only needed to rotate each of the pine textures once. This would have been faster if I didn’t have the door and drawer parts collected into nested components.

Textures (no sound)

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