Material Colour Pallette Reset

I hope someone may know how to reset the standard Sketchup pro Material “Colour” pallete back to its original default state. im not sure how but I’ve mucked up thye graduating grey sequence a bit that i use quite a lot and I just want to reset it back to how it was in its default state ( I already have my own custim libraries fot timber steel carpet etc )
Cant find anything on the web about a reset.
I tried deleting the NSColorPanelSwatches.plist in the library folder but that didnt work.
Any advice appreciated.

They seem to be stored inside the .app package here:
/Applications/SketchUp 2020/

The only change I’ve made from the default is duplicated the last black one just now, ‘Color M09’

Click for (almost) default list

Color A01.skm
Color A02.skm
Color A03.skm
Color A04.skm
Color A05.skm
Color A06.skm
Color A07.skm
Color A08.skm
Color B01.skm
Color B02.skm
Color B03.skm
Color B04.skm
Color B05.skm
Color B06.skm
Color B07.skm
Color B08.skm
Color C01.skm
Color C02.skm
Color C03.skm
Color C04.skm
Color C05.skm
Color C06.skm
Color C07.skm
Color C08.skm
Color D01.skm
Color D02.skm
Color D03.skm
Color D04.skm
Color D05.skm
Color D06.skm
Color D07.skm
Color D08.skm
Color E01.skm
Color E02.skm
Color E03.skm
Color E04.skm
Color E05.skm
Color E06.skm
Color E07.skm
Color E08.skm
Color F01.skm
Color F02.skm
Color F03.skm
Color F04.skm
Color F05.skm
Color F06.skm
Color F07.skm
Color F08.skm
Color G01.skm
Color G02.skm
Color G03.skm
Color G04.skm
Color G05.skm
Color G06.skm
Color G07.skm
Color G08.skm
Color H01.skm
Color H02.skm
Color H03.skm
Color H04.skm
Color H05.skm
Color H06.skm
Color H07.skm
Color H08.skm
Color I01.skm
Color I02.skm
Color I03.skm
Color I04.skm
Color I05.skm
Color I06.skm
Color I07.skm
Color I08.skm
Color J01.skm
Color J02.skm
Color J03.skm
Color J04.skm
Color J05.skm
Color J06.skm
Color J07.skm
Color J08.skm
Color K01.skm
Color K02.skm
Color K03.skm
Color K04.skm
Color K05.skm
Color K06.skm
Color K07.skm
Color K08.skm
Color L01.skm
Color L02.skm
Color L03.skm
Color L04.skm
Color L05.skm
Color L06.skm
Color L11.skm
Color L16.skm
Color M00.skm
Color M01.skm
Color M02.skm
Color M03.skm
Color M04.skm
Color M05.skm
Color M06.skm
Color M07.skm
Color M08.skm
Color M09 copy.skm
Color M09.skm

This seems like a strange way to do it, so if you delete one, it’s just gone? If you’ve deleted them recently you might find it in the trash or in a backup.

If you have an older version of SketchUp installed you could maybe copy the materials from there. Don’t do that when SketchUp is running. Re-installing SketchUp would fix it but that seems a bit extreme. There must be an easier way.

Thank you Gordon. I didnt realise you could show package contents of an app.
I close SU 2020 and found / Contents / Resources / Content / Materials / Colours. I made a backup of the .skm files in there and then deleted them from the Coulors folder. i then copied in the same files from the same location in the 2019 app and opened sketchup 2020 back up and presto back to normal. That was a great tip thank you. Paul

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A small and not closely related point.

Could you please update your profile, if you are now using SU 2020 - it still says 2017.

And have you updated your OS and/or graphics card since 10.10.5? That’s Yosemite. And SU2020 won’t run reliably or at all on Yosemite, IIRC.

It doesn’t much matter for this topic, but it often can in other topics you might later enquire about.

Glad you got your issue fixed.

Hi John
Good suggestion, I hadn’t thought about keeping that up to date, and no doubt that becomes relevant with lots of problems.
I have updated, and added my website where some models show how accurately the built results turn out to be.
Cheers Paul

Good looking website. Tx.