Matchphoto in SketchUp 2024 causes a puzzle?!

Hi all,
in the italian forum someone had find out there is a problem in SketchUp 2024 that causes a wrong exportation in jpg format. As you can see in the attached image the matched photo is tiled…with non sense effect.

Here is the SketchUp matched photo…

pretty sure I’ve seen this around here, it was a DX12 issue (new engine)
reverting to the old engine should allow a normal export.

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Eheh what? Scuse me I don’t understand (DX12? revert to the old engine? how?)

Menu>>Window >>Preferences


since the beginning sketchup has used openGL.
openGL became obsolete in 2017.
this year sketchup moved to a new engine, directX 12 on PC Metal2 on mac.
it’s faster, more powerful, but then it requires better machines - when openGL could run in 10-15y old machines, it won’t now.
But it’s been released for a couple of month, so it’s not as stable as the legacy openGL.

as to how, Dezmo answered already :wink:

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Oh yea sure! Now I understand. Thank’s a lot now it work’s

This problem happens on Mac as well. We still haven’t fixed it. It only happens with the new graphics engine, and with scenes that have particular images in them. Ones from Match Photo or Diffusion for example.


Is pixel dimension a part of it? Years ago I discovered a limit and thereafter made a habit of downsampling my images to screen resolution before using them for Match Photo. Right now all my old Match Photo files I’ve tested with new graphics engine turned on are OK.

It relates to a tiling issue that has shown up in other ways. Having a smaller image export, and also turning off antialiasing in the export options, are both likely to help.