Matching Kitchen Cabinets In 3D Warehouse

Is there any way to match up the kitchen cabinets in the 3D warehouse? I’m trying to get my cabinets to line up but they are all sized differently. Is there a way to identify the sizes of the components in order to match them. I know there is a simple explaination right in front of my face but I’m missing it!

Look for this bit of info: “bounds”, it will tell you (more or less) the size of an object

Some are dynamic, then you can plug in the sizes you want

then if you want use

and then modify any area not covered with the DC

Thanks for your reply Philip, I’m very much a novice at this. I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a couple additional questions? I didn’t say in my original post that I am doing my layup in metrics, so naturally my next question would be how do I get metric dimensions for the components? My second question would be where do I change the dimensions to the needed sizes? Thanks again for your help and fast reply.
Jeff Schroll

You can excess options if available (depends on author) via the toolbar or right click menu.

select “View”, toolbars

Again, depending on the author, you may be able to scale, input metric, however, since you have Pro, you can set the attributes to suit.
If you post one of your DCs you are interested in, can check and make good and explain how it was done