MATCH Sketchup camera (2d output) to 3d max camera


My usual worflow is:
1,.model in SU, export some 2d (hidden line and xray) to jpg;
2.-Export the 3d model to ·3d Max with the same camera as SU, make uv maps, materials, and render (GPU render)
3.-Blend the jpgs from sketchup and the 3d max final render in Photoshop.

I tried thousands of times to match my 2d sketchup outputs with the exported camera in max. Same aspect ratio, resolution, Fov…nothing, the final images dont match.

Do you have a solution or and advice for this?

Thanks in advance mates.

I’m not sure what to tell you with 3D Max. You might want to ask on their forum. I make blend image exports from SketchUp with rendered images from Kerkythea very frequently. I set up a scene in SU that is used as the camera in KT and export my hidden line image using that scene. They always match up perfectly when I get to the image editor to combine them.

Will 3D Max use the SketchUp camera as its camera?

Yes, I can blend vray sketchup render with 2d sketchup files too.

But the question is for that people use the same workflow with SU and Max. I mean, export camera from SU to max and blend the final images of both.

Thanks mate.

Like I said, you should probably ask on the Max forum.

The matter is the outside of both programs. So lets see if someone use max too.


Are you importing the SKP file directly into 3DS Max, or are you using an intermediate format like FBX?
What resolution are you exporting your images from SketchUp?
It might be that the applications are treating the camera FOV differently. The aspect ratio of an image export from SketchUp is determined by the shape and size of the SketchUp model window, with the FOV determined by the vertical aspect of the window. Max might be treating FOV more in traditional camera terms, that is diagonally across the frame. Still, the results ought to match, with appropriate scaling.

I exported in SU8 version, .3ds (a lot of time consuming, i´m testing exporting by layer separately now), not .fbx or .obj, which will be the next to explore.

Tried to put the same aspect ratio as SU screen in Max, but was a no no.
I know is a matter of FOV, but, how can i manage FOV SU settings and max render (aperture¿?) to match the images?

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