Markup crash + External back up of markups + Markup references feature request

Sketchup crashed after trying to save a second markup.

There’s not much I can add to the report apart from the fact that I lost both markups.

It might be a memory problem but this poses a problem of confidence for me, as these markups are very important and impossible to redo. Every sketch is unique while a model can be reproduced easily. Investing in a sketch and loosing it is, therefore making me much more frustrated than I ever felt when crashing a model.

So, I’d like to question if it would make sense to have markup images externally stored as backups. Even if the model crashed these markups would be available for us to place on model scene again.

Finally, if this would be possible, it would be great if these external images could be referenced in markup scenes, so we could open them in other apps, use better tools to improve them, and find much better workflows than what iPadOS markup tool allows.

PS: I’ll be posting a number of workflows that I would like to be able to accomplish with markups, projected markups (unique textures) and material textures.