Marine Design - Does anyone use Sketchup for boat design?


Saw your post for about a day ago, and it caught my eye when I saw that you were asking about boat design with sketchup.

I’ve been using sketchup for boat designs for about 3-4 years now, with a couple of plugins, you can more or less do all kind of designs.
There are a lot of different ways to create shapes and hulls in sketchup, so I will recommend you to just begin with some tutorials until you build your own skillset under the boat modeling category.

When it comes to measurements and spot on scales, sketchup has the potensial to be pretty accurate. As a member said earlier in this thread: “It is more up to the user than the program”.

Hope to see some models from you in the future!:slight_smile:
Here is a project I’m currently working on.

125 feet raised pilothouse yacht: