Tutorial ship hull design with Go

Hello All, I’m looking for a tutorial demonstrating how to design a ship’s hull. Since I use Sketchup for web Go, my first question is: is this possible? After all, I can’t use extensions.

With PushPull and Scale

at min. 29:15 - Aaron models a Helicopter live using native tools. The technique is similar for the hull of a ship.

Unfortunately, the above method can be used for fun and modeling for the satisfaction that I have modeled the helicopter / boat. Due to the environment in which the hull moves, the shape affects the hydrodynamics and performance parameters of the boat. So if it is going to be a more serious use of the model, I would recommend Freeship and equip the hull to the SU. Then you can use Sketchup to design the interior.
Of course, it is possible to “carve” the hull of the SU hull by hand on the basis of the frame shapes.

Hi Mihai and Starnus. Thanks for your welcome responses! I’m going to look at the ‘live modeling’ and see if this is the solution I want. If not, I’ll definitely check out ‘Freeship’.