3D Sailboat Hulls From 2D Lines Drawing

Has anyone drawn a 3D sailboat hull form a traditional lines drawing?

I’ve tried, but not with great success. Others on this forum have suggestions - try searching for boat hull

I have drawn a few boat hulls in SketchUp starting from traditional lines drawings and tables of offsets. It can be done.

These were both done years ago before there were tools such as Fredo’s Bezier Spline extension. They’d be much easier these days.

Thanks for your response. I am carving wood half hulls from lines drawings and have traditionally traced the hull sections and made cardboard templates to fit to the wood block.

Now I am:

  1. Importing a jpeg lines drawing in SletchUp.
  2. Scaling it to the proper size
  3. Fitting bezier or F-Spine curves to pertinent lines (long painfull process!!!)
  4. Scaling them back down to the scale of the model
  5. Printing them out and making cardboard templates

But it sure would be nice if I could take these curves and draw a 3D half or full hull and maybe even 3D print them!!!


These look fantastic!! How did you do it from the offsets and lines drawing??

That can be done. You just need to create the skin over the curves you’ve drawn. Fredo’s Curviloft and TIG’s Extrusion Tools would be god for that.

Thank you. Those were both done a long time ago before Curviloft and TIG’s Extrusion Tools were available. There was a great deal of hand stitching involved to get those hulls. Fortunately, boats being symmetrical, I only need to draw half.