Map from Geo-location and Open Street Map


I downloaded a map from “Geo-location” and a street map from “Open street map” with the same location.

Once imported into Sketchup these two objects are in different places.

Why did it happen? Is it problem with coordinate?


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They appear to line up here in Lund. Where are you geo-locating your model?


There are two attachments,

  1. Image 1, shows a map created from “Geo-location” and also a street map from OSM.

    You can see that these two objects are in different locations.

  2. Once I added another image then they looked in the same location. (Image 2).


The images suggest to me that the objects are set at different z coordinates. In other works it looks like they line up but one it well above the other.
What does it look like if you orbit down so you see them from the front or side?