Line Dissappears with tracing over geo-located maps


Im new to sketchup and haves uploaded multiple google imagery into my model. When I’m tracing around city blocks in order to form surfaces that I will them extrude up, the line Im drawing dissapears right where two map have been stiched together. Is there anyone who has solved this issue?

Though it is hard to figure it our without seeing the model (I highly recommend uploading your .skp file, so we can all take a look), I would guess that you are either drawing under the images, or at the same height and getting some Z-fghting which is causing it to look like your line is disappearing.

But, again, I am just guessing…

here is a screenshot of my issue of lines dissappearing under geo-located

That doesn’t really show much except that the arc is tangent with one edge.

What happens if you edit the style, make Profiles 3 and change the color to red?

​Here is my SketchUp file. I haven’t changed the style, but my main issue
wasn’t that the line was disappearing but that a face wasn’t being
created. Which I figured had something to do with the line disappearing
under stitched together geo-located maps.

The problem is due to the fact that your edges are no coplanar. Look at the Z-values in the screen shot. In order to get a face, the edges all need to lie in the same plane.

I’m mostly drawing from a plan view. How are the levels getting off? And originally I had a problem with the lines disappearing under adjacent google maps. I think another board member mentioned that the line maybe going under the maps. What is the best way to make sure u draw at the same z level?

How are you drawing them off plane? Well, since you’re drawing off axis, it’s pretty easy to do. Perhaps the easiest way is to draw a large rectangle above the terrain and draw the lines on it to start. You can apply a temporary transparent material to the face so you can see through it and then worrk from a top view with the camera set to Parallel Projection.

Before you do that, you should correct the reversed faces, make groups or components of your buildings and other loose geometry, and you should fix the axis orientation. You managed to ball up the axes so the solid blue runs down. It should run upward.

It should look like this:

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Hi, Ive changed camera to parallel projection and I just don’t understand
why the z level would even be affected being that the flat camera angel
should allow me to draw flat with whether is on axes or not. is it
practical to continually change axis when drawing several blocks? Also I
would like to know if you know a better way to to start the modeling of a
site that may make this a much smoother process?

Here’s a pic of what I’m seeing