Manipulate multiple groups at once from the outside in the same way you would manipulate loose geometry?

Hi all,

Maybe there is already a plugin that does this… but i havent found it yet.
It would be sooo nice to have a function that let you manipulate groups/multiple groups from outside the group in the same way it would react as it was loose geometry.
Think about the white arrow in Illustrator or the ‘reshape’ tool in vectorworks…
Dont know if i explained well what i mean… if needed i can give an example… :slight_smile:


Maybe this…

Hi Paul,

Thx! Looks like a great plugin with a lot of helpfull features… just not the one i’m searching for…
Searching for a tool that will let you draw a selection box over a part of the group so you could stretch it. (the way you would do it with raw geometry)

You might have a look at FredoScale. It has some tools for stretching that give you control over what part gets stretched. Still, probably the easiest option is going to be to open the group for editing. Depending on what you are modeling it might also make your work easier if you were using components instead of groups.

Yes!! thanks. Stretch tool with divider does the trick. :smiley:

There are a lot of possible plugins/extensions that will perform actions on groups and components. As Dave mentions it depends really on what you need.
This is Stretch by Area, it has it’s foibles.

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That looks like a foible you would leverage to good use. :wink:


Many a foible has served me well.


thanks! this is what i was looking for…:smiley:

Be careful, it is actually a very powerful tool, all of Tak2hata’s tool are more than you first think.