Feature Request-Attach Faces of groups to each other

It would be helpful to be able to select a group and move it, and have faces of other groups stretch (push/pull) automatically. An example of this would be moving a vertical member of window trim with a detailed profile a few inches, and having the horizontal members attach to it and stretch with it automatically. Currently, if you stretch the whole frame, it warps the profile of the trim.

Can you post a SketchUp file showing what you want to achieve. I think that the standard tools like Move can do what you want.

What he seems to be asking for is for groups to act a bit like raw geometry. But the whole point of grouping is to turn off the inherent stickiness of raw geometry.

I can see why it might be useful in certain cases, but how would you decide when was appropriate and when wasn’t?

Curic Stretch…?

It’s not free.

That’s exactly what I am asking for. It seems like Curic Sketch will do what I want, and it allows you to toggle it on and off.

This seems like it will do exactly what I am looking for. Thanks! :smiley:

A small word of warning about the Curic extensions for Mac users.

I recently started using his Pie Menu (also a paid for one). It quite frequently crashes SU which is very annoying and makes me loathe to use it. Which is also annoying because it has the potential to be very useful indeed. I have highlighted the problem but there has been no response.

I also use his free Mirror extension. That doesn’t cause any problems.

You got me thinking about this more and you are right - it can be done with just the move tool with all geometry within 1 group. The key was creating faces dividing the corners and hiding the lines after using the follow me tool to create the frame. See attached. Thanks!

Trim_Window_Adjustable.skp (31.1 KB)