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Im writing “SketchUp Tutorial for Vocational Teachers” as a bachelor degree work.
Is it against copyright to publish translated tutorial based on Sketchup official “Sketchup help Center” tutorials?

I don’t think anyone can give you an actual answer, unless you hire a lawyer. To be on the safe side you can write your own text, based on the official one, rather than translate the exact text.

Translating copyrighted material is considered derivative work and is protected. IANAL but you can search “derivative work” and the interpretation is pretty much universal.

The video behind the audio is still protected under the tutorial’s original copyright.

It is always very nice to ask for (and receive) permission.
(Get it in writing to protect yourself in case of later disputes.)

There is no direct contact to Trimble’s legal department, so start here …


Under the Berne Convention, the right to translate works is held by the copyright holder.


Wikipedia: Berne Convention on Copyright

… also this other thread (with more links) …

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