Making Tapered Leg that is circular

If I were going to model your table, I would model the front left leg in place where it will live and Rotating the leg into place shouldn’t be that difficult if you use inference locking but I’d model it at the correct angle to start with to save myself work getting in place. See this for ideas.

In a quick search I didn’t find any of my table models with turned legs that are raked and splayed. The legs on these tables are only splay, not raked but they were modeled in place as shown in the video at the link.

These chairs, however do have raked and splayed legs.

Dave. This is not something I thought about but that makes sense. I managed to create the whole desk now. Maybe I was using the rotation tool incorrectly so I guess I need to spend some more time with it. My solution was to create a flat surface adjacent to my pieces and I turned that piece and the leg pieces together and that gave me a perfect angle.

Well, it looks like you have it sorted. You shouldn’t need the face to get the orientation. Just use the cursor keys to set the correct orientation.

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