Making Small Hardware Solid

Saw Chest.skp (180.0 KB)
The attached skp is another chest I’m modeling. I spent too much time trying to make the hardware solid until I decided to break them down into parts and make each part a component. At first I was trying to make the whole hasp and hinge a component. As I made each part a component, I checked with entity information to make sure it was solid. I have not made the whole strap hinge or the whole hasp a component. I don’t know if that is a best practice. I have tag folders for strap hinge and hasp. It’s amazing how many small parts there are in this hardware.

You shouldn’t need to divide the individual leaves into separate components as you have. You should be able to make each leaf a solid and the hinge knuckle should be part of the hinge. For example this is one of the hinges I have in my collection. Both leaves and the decorative finials are all solid components. (The hinge is available with and without the finials so I have one version which can have the balls removed if needed.)

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Thanks for the quick response. That’s one beautiful hinge. When I was making the bend in the top leaf of each hardware, I was having issues. I guess that is why I went overboard in making the leaf in three parts top, bend and lower. Should I combine them into one component, or does it matter?

I see what you mean by the knuckle. I should have studied the Skill Builder video that Aaron made on making a hinge. I already forgot how he did the knuckles. It looks so easy in the video.

I guess it depends on what you want out of the component. Personally I would do as I described and make each entire hinge leaf as a single solid component. Easier to handle that way.

I’ll do that and I’m all for making things easier. You saw how I made the bends in the top leaves. Is there a better way to do that with Native Tools?

I’d draw the L-shaped hinge at full width and the trim off the sides to taper it. Something like this.

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Hinges with knuckles fixed:
Saw Chest.skp (218.1 KB)

Good work.

It’s a good exercise in modeling.

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