Making Overall Component of Components Causes Nested Objects Inspection Error

Each one of these sub-components is solid. When I made all of them a component, then it showed the nested objects Inspection error. I know that if I explode it, all of the errors go away. But, so do my scene text boxes. I made the component of all the components so that I could easily select and move them at one time. How do I make the overall component without having the nested components errors? I can attach the skp if that is needed.

A nested component cannot be a solid. It does not meet the requirements. To be considered a solid, the object must be a bottom level group or component. Every edge in the object must be share by exactly two faces. Solid Inspector will only inspect one component at a time so selecting them all as you show will still bring up the nested message.

So, components can be nested but an overall component cannot have nested components? Then, is there a easier way to select all of the components that make up the overall thing?

Components can be nested inside a component or group. It’s just that the nested component/group will never be solid. That’s nothing to get hung up on.

Nesting components in a larger component or group makes it simple to treat the parts as a single unit. So in the case of your saw, the individual parts are components. Select all of them and create a “saw” component and you can handle it like the assembled saw in your shop.

So, I’ll just accept it and not explode and lose my text boxes. Thank you for clarifying.

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Perhaps a simple way to look at it:
a single pencil can be a component, and that pencil component could be copied several times and wrapped together within another component called Pencil Case.
Therefore the ‘Pencils’ are nested within the ‘Pencil Case’

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Just before you explode and lose the text boxes if you copy them in their context and after exploding and then doing what you have to, use paste in place and they will reappear where you copied them…

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