Making models watertight

i am trying to 3d print this model, but i cannot seem to make any of the groups watertight. i have taken them apart but i do not know what to do3d printer desk organiser-2.stl (38.2 KB) 3d printer desk organiser-2.stl (38.2 KB)

How about sharing the .skp file instead?

oh yep sorry about that: 3d printer desk organiser.skp (237.7 KB)

The biggest problem is all the reversed faces. You shouldn’t have any blue back faces exposed.

Some of your groups are solid but this one has a bunch of troubles.

After fixing most of them, the bottom fronts of those angled slots are a problem because they are on the front surface.

You could pull the front face out a bit. Once you do that and get rid of all the interanl faces and stuff, that one will be fine.

Then there is Loose geometry. Probably should do something with that.

The objects look right now.

All solid groups.

3d printer desk organiser.skp (167.3 KB)

So in a nutshell, you have to set up your objects with all faces correctly oriented. White front faces toward the air, blue back faces toward the printing media. Every edge must be shared by exactly two faces, no more and now fewer. so no stray edges, no edges bordering holes in surfaces and no internal faces.


oh wow thank you so much that’s amazing. ill make sure to keep that in mind in the future, thank you so much once again.

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You’re quite welcome.

FWIW, if you start these models by giving the bottom thickness to start with, you won’t have the reversed faces problem and you will generally find it easier to avoid internal faces. Here I redrew your little tray. On the left I did roughly what I guess you did. On the right, I gave the bottom the thickness before outlining the walls.