Please help me make this solid

m30 laser holder.skp (1.3 MB)


I guess i’m still stumbling through this a bit. I thought I was making good headway and that I was done but apparently not. I want to print this, but it’s apparently not solid. I am using the free web version so solid inspector doesn’t work. Any chance somebody could fix it up or tell me where the problem is and what I might need to do to correct it.

There are 3 internal faces and 3479 reversed faces. That’s all those blue ones you painted. You should be correcting the face orientation in your models and for 3D printing, this is critcal.

The faces that need to be removed are at the bottom of the slot.

m30 laser holder.skp (673.1 KB)

Purge the unused stuff from the model and reduce the file size, too.

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Use Solid İnspector plugin, it will automatically fix it… I tried and it is the solution…

can i use that on the web app?

No. You can’t in the free web version.

m30 laser holder.skp (1.2 MB)

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thank you. Looks like somebody created a fixed one for me but i’m gonna try and fix it myself first. Thank you for the tip.

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I also uploaded a fixed one in my earlier post. Notice that the file size is considerably reduced, too.

so what is unused?