Making holes in double-layered walls

Tube LH 7.skp (200.2 KB)

The wall in the above skp file has 2 layers. I need to make a rectangular hole. Using Push/Pull did not work. Selecting the rectangle and pressing Delete did not work.

So, how do I make a rectangular hole in a flat double-layered wall?

You can see an animated GIF about my problem at .


I had no problem with this…

If Push/pull doesn’t work, the usual reason is that inaccuracy in modelling has caused the wall faces to be non-parallel.

@Anssi I just watched the link the OP shared. The problem is that you are not drawing your rectangle in the same context as the wall you are trying to edit. Doule click into the group with the wall and acutally draw the rectangle on that face.

Double Rectangle
A big difference in yours and mine is that mine was the inner offset rectangle only.


I can tell from your screen shot that the edges of the rectangle are not in the same context as the face. You HAVE to put them INSIDE the group.

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Thank you for the animated GIF.

After a while of thinking about it, I made 5 identical rectangles WITHOUT any offsets. I had no trouble at all removing the rectangular space. Then I selected the perimeter and made my offset. I Pulled them up to make frames and added in some green glass.

You inspired me to find the correct solution.



You said, "not drawing your rectangle in the same context ". I read the word “context” once in a while.

Precisely what does “context” mean in SketchUp?


each group, each component is like a world of its own.

When you draw stuff at the beginning, you draw them in the context of the whole file. easy.

Once you’ve made a group, you have two contextes available : inside the group, or anywhere else.
To draw inside the group (and modify it), you must first double click on it. If you don’t, well you’re drawing in the general file.

What Aaron meant by context is that. In the screenshot you gave, we see your rectangles as thick lines. They are profiles. It tells us that you didn’t enter the group before drawing the rectangles.
Therefore, you have a group containing a roof on one side, and a few rectangles on the other one. they can’t interact, they are in a different context :slight_smile:

Groups/components are airtight. meaning that unless you first enter them (2 clicks), nothing you’ll draw will actually impact them.
It’s a common mistake that most of us here do now and then. you exit the group without noticing, or you forget to enter it, and you end up drawing on top of it.

Thank you very much. It helps clarify things.