Making face from multiple lines?

Hi guys,

I will show you what I need and why with an example so you can guide me with differents ways maybe.

I am trying to do for example a handball field’s dashed lines…

Basically, I exploded a dashed line to it’s segments in autocad. And then want to make faces from those lines with like multiple offsets. I tried “extrude edges by offset” from the “Extrusion Tools” plug-in but it made just a single line not multiple…

Then I tried “multiple offset” plug-in but it is not working with edges, just working with faces…

I can not use “extrude lines” plug-in because you know I want them to offset through the centre of the arc, not a single direction…

Do you have any suggestions for me? or I will offset them separately and make faces manually :frowning:

Thank you for your help!

You can divide that single line and erase one by one to get ‘dashed line’. Just right click to the line (or curve) and click ‘divide’, then adjust how many segments you want with your mouse.

Yes, but then I want them to make face. Maybe I can first divide then make face that diveded curve then erase one by one. But this will be a solution just for this issue. I want to make various and not connected lines to make face in one click maybe with an extension.

Follow the procedure suggested by @filibis, but instead of erasing the alternating edge parts, hide them. A hidden edge will still bound a face, but it won’t be displayed.

yea, but for another example;

I have all the midlines (dashed) of the roads in my site in autocad. And I can pretty easily explode them to lines. Then I import them to the sketchup and want to make them face (hundreds of singular lines), some of them are arc because the bend roads…

In this case this method is not efficient i think.

My question is about more like a mix of the multiple offset and make face from edges plug-ins

A SketchUp face must be bounded by a continuous loop of edges. There are no exceptions to this. So hiding some of the edges is the only technique available to have a broken line that seems to bound a face.

If your original drawing has dashed lines made of non-connected edges, you will need something that joins them with hidden edges. I don’t know of an existing extension that does that operation automatically, though I can imagine strategies that might work.

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