Face-creating offset

There are a few plugins to offset faces and polylines but none of them does a simple thing that would be very handy - if you offset a polyline it would add two edges: one at its beginning, one at the end, perpendicular appropriately to first and last edge of polyline, and this way enclose a face between the source and new polyline. What do you think about this idea?

It might be nice as a modifier to the native tool, to join the ends and create the face.

But, as far as forcing perpendicular joining,… SketchUp is 3D and does not actually have a concept of forced orthogonal mode. (Perhaps if the view was using parallel projection camera and it’s eye->target vector was perpendicular to the drawing plane then a “perpendicular offset” might be appropriate.)

My [old] tool:
[Plugin] Extrude Edges By Offset v1.0 20110525 • sketchUcation • 1
is an edge offset too, somewhat like you describe…
The full toolset is here:
SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation

Yes, it’s more-less what I will need, thanks (and sorry for long response).

Are you perhaps planning to make some update to Extrude Tools? It asks lots of questions which makes the tool not very fast. It would be nice to put them all into one single window that would appear before geometry is drawn.