Making edge for face, pls help!

Hi all pro,

How can I make edge for the face? Can someone help me out?

Leonmaking edge for face.skp (126.0 KB)

Which version of SketchUp? Are you really using 2015 as in your profile?

You have the edges tagged/ layered as “ORI-CANH Tren” and that tag/layer is turned off in the Tags/Layers panel. Turn on that tag/layer and then select everything and mark it all Untagged/Layer 0 in Entity Info.

And going forward, leave all edges and faces untagged.

It would be a good idea to get in the habit of keeping your model closer to the origin. There’s no reason to be working on something so small so far from the origin.

Hi DaveR,

Thanks for your fast reply. However I uploaded wrong file. Please check this new file. How could I create edge for the face losing edge?

Thanksmaking edge for face 1.skp (119.8 KB)

This time you’ve got the edges bounding the face hidden and all of the geometry tagged incorrectly.

Go to Edit and click Unhide>All.

You really need to get a handle on the tag/layer thing before you start making your models any more complex.

Again, are you using 2015 as your profile says?

In SketchUp a face doesn’t exist if it isn’t bordered with edges on all sides. So if you don’t see edges, they have been hidden in one way or another (hidden, smoothed or they belong to a hidden tag/layer).