Making Control points in a model

hello i am wondering how you make control points in sketchup to use on a total station for stateout

when i export a floor plan, it seems i can see the whole drawing but i would like to have control point at the corners for stateout

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What’s a stateout?

sorry just getting started

What is a control point?


You can add guide points but I haven’t heard of control points in sketchup.

when i export a floor plan into my total station to state out on a job site,

i am wondering how to create control points in sketchup so when i export into my leica total station i only get the sketch

ok maybe you call it guide points

so guy those grey point are called control points on icon
i drew those myself with the tablet

but that model in the back i made with sketchup and am wondering how i can have every corner in the model to have a point that i can select when im stating out

Do you kinda see what I mean

That seems like specific data that the total station is looking for. I am not sure how you would define that specific info in SketchUp, though. Have you talked to your Total Station sales rep for this info?

What kind of total station do you have?
There is an extension for field points:


It may be that the right phrase is ‘stakeout’ not ‘stateout’.


Seems to me a starting question is “what brand and model of total station do you have?”. I have no experience with total stations, so I don’t know if there is an industry standard format for how they import data points. I do know that the term “total station” is a generic name for a kind of surveying equipment, not a specific device.

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Leica uses a different format than Trimble (Field link now extracts data from TrimBim files) I don’t think the aforementioned extension would work.

In a sense, it’s a bit like Goldilock entering the home of the three bears😀

Maybe, @jimhami42 has a .gsi exporter, as well.

I looked it up. Even within GSI, there are variations that depend on the model of Leica Total Station.

There may also be an issue with precision/accuracy. To get geographically located points from which to create control points, you would need to geolocate the SketchUp model. My experience has been that the positions of points marked on a SketchUp model can be inconsistent with GPS or Google Earth by a meter or so.

So the specific station we use is a Leica i760

There must be a way to do it because it seems with different cad programs it’s possible,.

We usually receive dxf files from (eaglebuilders) in alberta

When we put up a new building and there drawings can them points on every corner

Of walls,footing, ext

Trimble Field link uses (three) reference points in the drawing (model) to set it’s current position, not necessarily geolocated.

Ah. Then I expect Leica does something similar.