Making Control points in a model

dxf files are plain text. Can you examine one to see what kind of content they are using to pass the control points? Or if you can share an example dxf here, one of us might take a look. SketchUp can export dxf, but it might use different elements.

Share whatever files the Leica i760 can export. Also, maybe a product link (I couldn’t find that model). Ground Control Point are used in drone mapping so I suppose the “control points” that are geolocated points.

Batch plant.dxf (523.4 KB)

Ok guys so this would be a file that eagle builders had sent me.

So if they can do it there must be a way SketchUp can

File → Import → Batch plant.dxf

Are the control points the components (e.g., Eagle - Bollard - Bollard-1550260-Main Floor Plan and Grid - Grid Head - Circle-50561-Main Floor Plan)?

So that I don’t know but what I could do is open that file in the tablet and send a pic of where the points are …
it will be a bit later

But I do know that every corner of a wall has a point for sure

You can upload it to Trimble Connect as well:

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So this is the same model in the station

Import the dxf into SketchUp > Shoot additional points with Trimble field Points. >> export to the points out as a csv file to be loaded into your total station.

Btw… if you already have points shot with the total station, you can import them along with the dxf and use the data as reference


ok guys thanks alot this seemed to work great ,.
i made some new points with trimble field points
and just exported it as dxf, loaded into total station and boom it worked