Making brick or stone arches

This has been the subject of previous posts (eg. Bricks in a radial pattern) but I am bringing it up again because it is such a regular issue for me.

I have looked in this forum, in Sketchucation, and more generally on the web for a solution to something which could easily be automated (sadly not by me!). I have come across suggestions for a number of different plugins. A lot of the process are themselves long-winded when something quick and simple is needed. In many cases, plugins are either no longer available or incompatible with current SU versions (a regular and very annoying issue). One such is Fredo’s Split Tools but I cannot make it work with SU 2016.

I would like to see something like Fredo’s plugin built in to SU. Also, it would be useful to have the ability to take a texture such as brickwork and have an easy way to use (say) just the general colour for painting other surfaces. That way, you don’t have to worry about tiling issues or scale, but viewed from a distance it would be very similar to the texture from which it is derived.

Fredo don’t have such a plugin?

Like this tool in the material window (I’m not sure about the OSX dialog)?

quad face tools is great for texturing arches