Making arcs on non 90 degree angles



I’m trying to get a bended circular rod turn in a non 90 degree turn. Only one end will come out close to 90, while the other one is totally off. Is there a way to make so both end are straight from the faces?

RSL 2 Gambling table.skp (1.6 MB)


Follow me always starts and finished perpendicular to the first and last segments.
So add short segments at right angle to the faces both ends then put your arc between those edges.
This should make the follow me finish flush to the faces, but you may end up with a bit of a kink at one end depending on how your arc relates to the straight segments.

The other option is to extend the path through the face and trim the extrusion back.


Perhaps this illustration will help.


I tried to make a smaller 90° line, but it still won’t make it straight. My points are far from identical in lenght too, so maybe it’s just not possible at all.


The main problem is you are trying to use a section of a circle (to get the 90deg ends) but the shape doesn’t lend itself to that. You need to decide which option to go with, a squared section with a radius corner or a circular path with the ends cut at an angle to fit the sides.

Here is what I mean by a squared corner. Using the projected lines on axis I create an arc that is tangential to both edges, this gives a smooth transition from arc to straight.


The easiest option is to extend the end through and cut it off.


Ahh okay. That makes perfectly sense then. I don’t know why I can’t think of this. It should be simpel to figure out. Thanks.