Making a square cup


I’m trying to show a square cup in a piece of wood that would be made with a router bit, I can show one using follow Me and the other using Arc and Push/Pull how do I combine them to show all the radii?


Draw the square with the radiused corners and sweep the profile around with Follow Me.


Thanks Dave. Step 1 is easy, but I can’t figure out how to draw the profile on the square.

I’m not sure what part you’re having problems with. What square?

The “square” is probably the block of wood from which the router will remove material. The cured profile needs to be drawn on a plane that is vertical, and aligned with one or the other side axis of the block. In other words, the profile is a half-cross section of the router bit itself. The follow-me tool will be used exactly as if it were the router, to plow (or follow) the profile shape along the rounded-corner square that has been drawn on the top of the block.

I didn’t draw a profile on the square. I drew a square centered below the bowl shape and used Push/Pull to extrude it upward to the top of the bowl. Then I erased the face of the block inside the recess.

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I was able to extrude a bowl, got an error message but after some additional drawing and deleting I got this:
cup 1

I tried drawing a square below the box and P/P it upwards, but it wouldn’t let me erase the face, with or with out the bowl being a component.

Off topic, a little, how do you center an object above or below another object?

probably something about the profile not being on the path. That’s not always a bad thing and sometimes the message can be ignored.

You need the bowl to be in the same context as the box. If the box is ungrouped geometry, the bowl needs to be, too. You could make the bowl a component before drawing the box if you want. This would give you a bit of insurance against inadvertently damage it in the process. After the box is drawn and in place, explode the bowl component and then select all of the geometry and use Intersect Faces. That will separate the inner and outer faces.

There are several ways. You could use guides and inferencing to draw it in the right place to begin with (that’s what I did.) or you draw it without worrying about getting it centered. Then move it using inferenceing off the center.

Thanks again Dave, I’d forgotten about Intersect Faces.

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