Making a solid?

I want to use ScetchUp for 3D printing and this is a credit card reader base I was trying to build but I can’t figure out how to make it a solid.Credit card base.skp (1.2 MB)

Remove the two line segments shown selected and correct the face orientation on the pen holder. Then make it a group or component.

As DaveR suggested, (fast typing as usual):

Ok i got the two lines out of the way i did not see them. Now im not sure how to fix the face orientation

They are on the axis lines. Turn off Axes in the View menu to make them easy to see.

Right click on one of the white faces and choose Orient Faces from the Context menu.

I got it into a solid. Thanks for the help

I have a similar, simple part that says its a solid but when I slice and print it the connection between the large cylinder (cup) and the base is not printed solid. It is as if there was a raft between the base and the cup. How can I make this connection a solid piece?

can_holder_r3.skp (1.3 MB)

Thanks for any help.

Maybe the reversed face under the lip? Or the gap between the cylinder and the base?

can_holder_r3.skp (89.8 KB)

Try this.

Purging the unused 3D modeling component wouldn’t hurt either.

By the way, is the cylinder and the clearance arc supposed to be off center on the plate? Is the plate drawn correctly at the lower left corner?

Don’t understand what needs to be purged - thought I got rid of unnecessary lines. Yes, the cup is off center on purpose to give clearance for stacking the finished product.

I was referring to purging the 3D Printer volume component that you probably deleted when you first opened SketchUp to start drawing this thing.

oh, the image just came through and, no, I didn’t mean to make the arc off center like that. Thanks.

Yes, I do delete the picture of the printer area before starting.

That’s not a picture. It’s a component. Deleting it from the model space doesn’t eliminate it from the model. You need to use Window>Model Info>Statistics and hit Purge Unused. Note the difference in file size between the file you uploaded and the file I uploaded.

Another question. How important are accurate or precise dimensions?

now I see the gap between the base and the cylinder. couldn’t seem to move it down solidly against it and thought when I used “make component” I was joining them. Ill get back to work on it and thank you very much for your help DaveR

Nope. Making a component (or group) doesn’t do anything to join geometry together.

This was my first try at sketchup and I was having difficulty trying move the arc and the cup relative to the platform so after some hours I just got sloppy. The main thing was that the cup lined up with the arc so that two or more could be stacked in a line. I’ll get the hang of it but will need the help of people like yourself to get there. Back to the drawing board for me. Thanks again

I took the liberty of redrawing it with a little more precision and made it a bit cleaner. Take a look at how it is modeled for ideas.
can_holder.skp (132.2 KB)

Thanks DaveR. Certainly shows me it is possible to make it all work properly.