Making the stand solid

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Thanks for anyone who helped yesterday. you guys have been so helpful! I have started a new thread so as not to drift out on a tangent.

I have traced a logo and made it 3d. There are 3 tag - 2d picture/blue/gold.

My question today is how do I get the stand to merge as one piece with the base, support and tabs all printing as one solid. I tried using outer shell but it would not work.

any suggestions would be ace. thanks LukeWarriors logo.skp (157.1 KB)

So what i want to do is print the gold bits seperatly and glue the on. I want the tabs and stand to be connected to the blue mask. Have you grouped everything individually and then intersected with each other? thanks

In the GIF I showed you how to create each part as a solid group.
Warriors logo (1).skp (167.5 KB)
I grouped the loose geometry (edges, faces), in order to create a solid group.

It is better for you not to use layers / tags until you learn how to work with them. Layers/Tags, as in any other 3D modeling program, do not separate geometry.

thankyou mate. I am working through what you did. what button are you pressing when you select all face and boundaries?

you get a little circle next to the cursor?

For selecting geometry you use LeftMouseButton. The circle is added by the recording program to help you see when and where to click.

when you click it highlights all faces and boundries of the shape tho. when i do it i only get the face i clicked on

i am just going through the drawing. The stand is not connected to the blue mask tho which is what i was trying to do. or am i being stupid?
i was going to print all the blue as one piece and glue the gold in?

If you want to join the mask with the stand, use Solid Tools > Outer Shell

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