Making a housing with even wall thickness

Continuing the discussion from Snapping Issue (page setup/model info?):

I’m trying to create a housing for a small electric motor that needs an even wall thickness of 1.70mm is the best way to just make multiple circles and then pull/extrude them out? or is there a better way?

It mostly depends on what the end result should be.
You might try using ‘Follow Me’ and the profile of the motor’s cross section of the housing. It would extrude the profile’s face around a circular path, creating the entire body: bottom, side and top. Just one way to go or start from.

You may also want to work in a scaled-up version, to avoid Sketchup’s ‘short edges’ problems. See numerous posts about the issue on this forum. You could, for example, draw in meters at a scale of 1000:1, using 1m in the model for 1mm in the real thing. Then scale down before output for manufacture. Otherwise, you may have problems.

You can also try building your outer shell and use Joint Push Pull extension.

Here are the internal dimensions, I need a 1.7m thick case around these dimensions but it’s getting very confusing when there is 1.7mm thickness on different planes. I have played around with push/pull and follow me tools but still haven’t got it right

Here’s an example based on my previous suggestion:
housing.skp (258.1 KB)
The second scene is the inner shell, but subsequent scenes show how it could be done.
The model is 10 times the actual size. The component is scaled down in the end.
But the ‘In Model’ library stores the larger housing component.

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That’s awesome, cheers for that Dan!