Make unique nesting components

Hi guys,

trying to find a way how to make unique one sub-component in a DC (I know I can do it manually in Outliner or I can edit the DC, but this is quite annoying :frowning_face: ).
My idea is to have it as an option when inserting new instance from Components window or - at least - to control it with some parameter in DC Options pop-up.

Anybody has some idea how to deal with this?

I am not sure if I understand correctly, you want it to be a choice if a (sub) components becomes unique?
Can you explain or elaborate with an example?

Hi again,

here example skp file - it is a simple piece of a plywood sheet with edge bands on all sides.
I use this component to build own pieces of furniture.
It means finaly there are plenty instances of that DC and for further steps I would need that sub-component called DTDL is unique in some cases.
DTDL_ABS.skp (74.5 KB)

This is not possible unless the particular instance is made unique, which clones a new unique definition for that instance. The instance is removed from the old definition’s instances collection and added as the first instance to the new cloned definition.

And FYI, the DC code will do this automatically in situations where nested groups or components are differenced from the rest of the instances.

Explain to us how you will need to uniquify these plywood sheets ?

There is a method to make simple DCs unique, that is forcing a calculation on insert.
The file contains two of the same with the calculation (brick#1) off and on (brick#2)

bricks unique on insert.skp (34.2 KB)

However generally as you create DC one has a problem preventing this unique action from happening, rather its been a pain rather than a blessing.

Personally I would use the component definition as a category rather than being specific and the instance name as the item and not worry about the #numbers

left panel <MDF#12>

Actually, I am not sure whether I really need it, but I think so. I will try to describe what I am trying to do. See attached a simple skp with some cabinet made of those, already described components.
CAB1.skp (208.3 KB)

Here it is:

As you can see, it consist of 2 sides, one bottom and 2 tops. All components are insterted from Components window, only those “doubles” are copied from first instance. (BTW, I am wondering how is this possible that each inserted (or copied) instance is automatically made unique (as you can see in Outliner) - but this is not my main issue)

My main issue is, that all subcomponents DTDL are not unique which causes some troubles when using OpenCutList extension (to create cutting plans).
Here are some automatic internal routines to make the default parts orientation, but if you don`t like it, you have an option to change this orientation. And here is the core of my trouble - as soon as I try to change this default behavoiur (by clicking the option for one specific part) it automatically set this option to all other DTDL objects, because they have the same definition. I would need to uniquify them, but doing this for each manually is a bit annoying. Therefore I am looking for an option to make somehow easily unique the whole component incl. all subcomponents (or even better to have some options available when inserting such a nested components to decide which one should be inserted as unique)

Here just an example of the setting within the OpenCutList extension (by the way very nice and helpful tool!!!):

by placing a copy of a scaler in the edge strips, the component and edge strips are made unique when inserted

cabinet side.skp (187.7 KB)

initially any internal copies remain as copies until moved or redrawn via an action