How can you stop Sketchup from creating unique # components

How can you stop Sketchup from creating unique # components or get rid of them when created?
I think it is happening because there is a Dynamic component within the component.

1854 Crystal Palace building.

Remove the dynamic-ness of the component.

AFAIK each instance of a DC becomes unique when inserted, unless it is just a copy of a component already in the model.

As soon as you change any of its parameters it becomes a unique component and adds a hash/number suffix.

If I import one sample DC [this is using SU 2021, but I think it’s the same in any recent earlier version], then make a copy with Move/Copy, or Edit/Copy then Edit/Paste, there’s still only one component definition in the Component Browser.

If I drag another copy out of the Component Browser, that too remains just another instance of the same component. But as soon as I change any of its component options, it become unique.

[Gorgeous looking model, by the way!]

PS. If you only have a few different instances of your DC, you can Save As… your model to v6 of SU, and reopen it - that old a version of SU didn’t have DCs so they are saved without the DC attributes. That will reduce your file size a little. Or there’s a plugin to do the same, from Eneroth3, on the Extension Warehouse. Something like de-dc-ify I think. [Yes, that finds it:]

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@d1cardew this is a real nuisance. I too have posted looking for a solution. Some DC like Trustile Doors don’t even have to be changed every time you insert one it makes itself unique and adds the #1. 2 things I do to work around it. 1. don’t insert from the component window. Once you have an instance in the model find it and copy it. The Outliner can be instrumental in locating and selecting what you want in a large model.
2 just let it roll then later select all the # instances right click on the original in the component window and replace selected.
Obviously this is if you want a bunch of identical instances. Then purge unused. Be sure to save any unused components you want to preserve outside the model using save as.
When I use DC I get it configured the way I want it. Then Zap it and clean it using Flex Tools. After that they behave like any normal component.

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John’s answer is good but de-dc-ify only work up 2019.
I was thinking there is probably a best practice system. I normally try to do everything as components but might be better have the first set as components then work in groups?

It works in 2021. The compatibility list hasn’t been updated.

It works in 2020 and 2021. The compatibility list is just difficult for the plugin developers to update.

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That’s interesting I tried with my my 2020 and it did not work. I did not want to updated to 2021 as not sure it will work with Twinmotion bridge?