Make preferences / workspace exportable/importable


CorelDRAW has one heck of a useful feature that Sketchup, with its 40 million users, should really really implement.

The concept of a “Workspace” (all of the user-changeable preferences, from window positions to spell-check, line widths, default duplicate placement, etc, etc, there’s like 500) that can be imported & exported.

Several advantages:

1.) Applies to the program itself, not to individual files.
2.) Saves a lot of time & nerves when upgrading or reinstalling.
3.) Allows for backing up the workspace separately from projects.
4.) Lets you build several workspaces and switch between them “at once”. For example, on my home station, I want large fonts, dark theme, certain preferences. On a laptop display, I want the opposite. Instead of having to manually switch dozens of options, I get it done in 3 clicks.
5.) Last but not least, this lets an experienced user customize the workspace according to their “best practices” and share that experience with a novice user.


There’s not an export workspace feature on sketchup but you can copy your templates to be able to open them on any other machine or a newer version of sketchup, a template is basically an sketchup file that contains all your preferences like units, scenes, tags components or any other thing that you’d like to have by default. You can also export your shortcuts and import them on any other place as well.