Is there a way to export Skp shortcuts dat file without exporting all the other preferences at the same time?

Hi Guys, I’ve created a list of shortcuts that will benefit all my colleagues. I’ve gone to Preferences > Shortcuts > Export … but I think it exports ALL my preferences (including File Locations etc) when I do that. Is there a way to purely export the shortcuts, or do I just need to get people to manually input them one by one. Thanks in advance for any help.

You can do it natively by unticking File locations in the Export Options.
Screenshot - 6_6_2023 , 9_00_24 AM

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Brilliant. Thank you! Next question - people have already imported my exported preferences including all the file locations. Is there an easy way for them to re-set their file locations to the defaults?

Probably the simplest way would be to close SketchUp, go into User/AppData/Local/SketchUp/SketchUp 2023/SketchUp and delete PrivatePreferences.json. When SketchUp is next started it’ll rewrite the file. There’s a bunch of other preferences that will get deleted and have to be reset in the process. The AppData directory is normally hidden although you can make the directory visible in File Explorer.

Another option would be to manually select the file locations in Preferences>Files. The default locations are in User/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2023/SketchUp. If at least one of those default file locations is still used in the preferences the user can open that folder via the Preferences>Files panel and then navigate up the tree to the other folder locations to know where they are.

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Thank you. I think that’s sorted it :pray:

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