Make many elements out of one object


Hi there.
I made an object for my bachelor thesis and now I tried to measure the single elements. It should look like the object exploded so I can see the hidden surfaces. And is there a function which measures everything at once. Or is the only possibility the send to layout function where I have to label everything on my own?
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:
Lovelovelove Marls


_Präsentationselement_korrekt fĂ¼r BemaĂŸung.skp (938.3 KB)
This is my object so you guys understand what I’m talking about.


Is this what you’d like to be able to do?

I took your model apart by converting the edges for the parts into separate components. Since the model is symmetrical, I only did one side. The other side is copies of the first.
_Präsentationselement_korrekt fĂ¼r BemaĂŸung.skp (614.0 KB)


Hey thanks. That’s what I meant :slight_smile: