Make Group - question

I have a rectangular slab and I have gouped and named it: SlabGroup. I want to offset the perimeter to create four exterior walls. I want to make those walls a Group that is independent from the SlabGroup.
When I try to do this myself the ExtWallGroup is automatically subordinated to the SlabGroup, which is not what I want.
Anybody got a good video for this?

I imagine there are a lot of ways to do this. One is to Copy the SlabGroup and then turn off its visible in the Layers panel. Edit/Paste in Place will put the copy exactly where the SlabGroup was. Rename that as ExtWallGroup, double-click to go into it, make the external walls, and also delete the copy of the slab.

Come back out of that group and turn on the visible of the SlabGroup.

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I’m not following what your issue is. Here I have made a slab and grouped it, then made the walls and grouped them.
They are separate groups.
Could you explain more what you mean about one becoming subordinate to the other?

Do you mean that you are creating the new wall group when you are inside the floor group? If so, it will automatically become either part of the floor group if you do not create a new group, or a sub-group if you do.

If I were doing this, after creating the floor group I would simply draw a rectangle over the base of it and use that to offset for the width of the walls. Then delete the surface of the rectangle you first created, Push/Pull the walls up, select them and group them. You will then have a separate group at the same nest level as the floor.

For a simple rectangular shape @Box’s method works best.
If the slab would have a more complex shape, you could follow @colin’s advice. But I would copy (being inside the slab group) only its perimeter and inner face to clipboard. Once outside the slab group use ‘Paste in Place’ to place the perimeter and face and then immadiately group its edges plus face. Now you can enter this new group and edit it (with ‘Offset’) to create the wall thickness.

I typically copy a face in from group, exit the group and paste in place, group anew, enter the new group, offset and then pushpull.


Thanks everybody. Very very helpful.
Been at this for a month now and still a little chagrined at how I miss what seems obvious once it gets answered in this forum.
One lesson learned now from past couple of posts is to not post when I’m tired and been at for a long period.
Again, thank you. All responses were very helpful.

Thank you.
I was trying to group the walls before push/pulling.