Make Face plugin

Hello !

Apparently Huynh Duong’s s4u-make Face is not free anymore. It’s been saying “No license for product” for a couple of days now. When I go to the extension page it says it’s 10$ now indeed.
I liked it because it’s a single button toolbar, simple, effective…
What are you guys using ?

I’ve never found a need for a plugin to do that, I guess. Usually this seems like it would be mostly used for imported CAD files and I don’t find it difficult to create the faces with native tools. The Rectangle tool and Intersect Faces will take care of the bulk of it. The only time I have problems are when I get sloppy CAD files where there are lots of gaps preventing faces from forming. CloseOpens, although not free, was designed for those poorly made CAD files, though.

If you find that s4u-Make Faces saves you time, though, and your time is worth anything at all, $10 would be a good investment. So would $20.

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thomthom’s edge tools² does the same for free and I use it a lot for the kind of CAD files you’re talking about !

That’s fine. So you’ve got that covered.

I use Tig’s Add faces.

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oh yeah right, I forgot about this one ! I’ll get it again then. I think I removed it because it seemed to take longer (probably due to the way the plugin is written, I couldn’t tell), as far as I remember.

but thanks, that’s what I needed !

and yes Dave, I believe my time is worth something, I thank you for that.

I used to use the S4U but cant get it to work anymore, this plugin does a good job too.

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