Make component from Photoshop image without the surrounding box

I successfully import a Photoshop .psd image file with a transparent background but when I make it into a component it has a rectangular outline around it. How do I make the component not have the rectangular outline?

What shape do you want the outline to have? Images are always rectangular. You could apply the image as a texture to a different shape, however.

I know images are rectangular but I don’t want the outline. Just like the people or tree image components

You didn’t say what your images are of. Apply the image as a material to face with the desired shape. There are extensions such as TIG’s Image Trimmer which can help.

Image is of a fishing lure called a buck tail with a spinner blade on the front end and hair on the back end 5" long.

Are you saying there is an outline around the image when it is not selected? If so, that is likely something from PS. Probably best to share an image or the file you are trying to import.

FWIW I usually export images that I want to keep transparencies as .PNG files. These seem to import very well.

And they are a fraction of the size of PSD that, at least as I know it, is an uncompressed format with added information that is only useful to Photoshop.


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If you have used the image as a texture on a rectangle, try hiding the edges.

Or, as already suggested, upload the SKP file with the problem

Hiding the edges and unchecking profile works. Thanks

Be aware that if you have done it that way it will still throw a rectangular shadow.
If you don’t need shadows it doesn’t matter.

Before any Image Trimmer-like plugins existed, I made this simple tutorial about creating a face-me component out of a transparent background PNG file. It perhaps still illustrates the concept.

making_a_man.skp (164.6 KB)

Thank you very much, Yours is better than what I got to work last night.