Make a funnel in Sketchup free/web


I´m trying to connect two cylinders of different size wit a tilted wall around, like a funnel between the cylinders. Tried follow me but could not use on round object. The only way for me right now is to draw every connecting slice, one by one but is hoping there is a better way

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You need to recheck how you are using follow me.


Splendid :slight_smile: Thank you very much, now I only have to play a little with the meassurements.

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Can I somehow use the same technique going from round to square?

That’s a bit more complex, one way is to use the cardinal points.


It looks so very easy when you do it :slight_smile: I have tried for at least a day now and has managed twice to get the edge to follow smooth. Most often the whole figure gets warped as in attached picture. I do not know hov to make fancy videos as you do so this is the best documentation I can present.

Just to make things clearer I’ll explain the cardinals.
All Circles and Arcs have Cardinal points which are a special vertex that will scale the circle or arc. They are called Cardinals because they are normally found at North, South, East and West, the cardinal points of the compass.
To find them use the move tool with Nothing selected, when you move over an edge the move tool will auto select, the circle/arc will turn blue, but as you come to the Cardinal the blue selection will disappear (meaning it has selected the vertex that is the cardinal) click and move and it will scale.
A circle has 4 Cardinals, which is why we recommend always using a segment count divisible by at least 4. 12 is better but not essential.
This mean the cardinals are easily found on axis, four to a circle and midpoint on an arc.
So having typed all that, try this exercise.
Draw a circle on axis (meaning pulled out on red, green or blue direction), find the cardinals and resize a few times.
Now draw a square that hits the four vertices on the circle, not just a random square shape, this will split the circle into 4 arcs with cardinals at their mid points. Find them and move them in to the edge.
If you get that right then just extrude the circle before drawing the square and do the same.

Here’s a demo of what I describe.

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By the way, you can always just stitch it.
The basics of the geometry is very simple. Triangles will make faces, ctrl with eraser will soften edges.


stitching always creates a better geometry than cardinal point manipulation in the above example…not sure why.

Even though it takes a little longer it feels like I have more controll over the outcom when stitching. I have started one test with rectangle with different length on the sides and it seems as this is the way to go in this case. Easier to get two walls as well.

Draw 2D first and then work in 3D


Also a nice way to do it but since I need thicker wall an hollow middle I think I need to do it in 3D

As I said, start drawing easier in 2D, then get into 3D.
After that, just duplicate the group, scale it and then stich them together, as in my GIF :wink:

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