How to make a dome-like cylinder that has an interior flat circle at a different angle

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First post so apologies if i’m asking the wrong way. I’m having trouble figuring out how to make the top of this lipstick. The shape is i guess a cylinder with dome-like qualities. Unsure exactly how to model that + how to then have the top be flattened and go up at angle. Here is a pic of the ref i am using



I would make the “bullet” shape using follow me, then place a rectangle so it intersects the bullet at the right angle and use Intersect to break the geometry… then it is just a matter of erasing extra geometry.

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@TheOnlyAaron method illustrated.

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Since this is a fairly small object you might find it easier to model it in meters instead of millimeters. This may help prevent some issues with tiny faces. Or use “The Dave Method”, for which Box has done a nice tutorial.

Since you are using SketchUp Pro, you might also find it easier to create a box as a group or component and use Trim from the Solid tools or better, use Eneroth Trim from Eneroth Solid Tools. This would be especially important if you are using the Dave Method.


Hi i also have the same issue. I am trying to create one side of this club round on one end and the handle with groves. Just like in the images. Can you help please and thank you. barlet2

Draw a profile of half the club. Use Follow-Me to extrude the shape (433.6 KB)