Drawing ductwork transition rectangular to round?

i have tried several times and get the same result. the structure appears warped.
I draw a rectangle on axis.
I draw a vertical line from center
I draw a circle on the surface of the rectangle at new center line.
I pull it up a couple of inches.
I double click on the cylinder I just drew, use move, hit alt key, then hit the arrow key to go straight up.
it works fine until you pan around and see a bulge in the transition.
what am I doing wrong? is there a better way?

Anyway you can post a picture, or share a SKP file? I cannot quite picture what you are describing.

Is there a reason you tap the alt key in this process?

To elicit the most responsive answers, you should post your skp file so that everyone can see what you have done, despite your well crafted description.

Does this help?


Thanks so much. the reason I did not include was that I don’t know how to add that into the email.
I agree that is a cool way to communicate.

I wish I knew how to make a video and send it to you. if you can explain it to me I will send it out to clarify.
What I described works, but the image is distorted. These are more or less standard shapes used in dust collecting systems. they look like a funnel with a small circular sleeve on one end and a rectangular opening on the other.
Anyway, thanks for your help.

You can attach a file to your post by clicking on the 7th icon from the left in the Reply box (the up arrow with the horizontal bar below it). Once you click the icon, navigate to the file location on your computer and then just follow the on screen instructions to send the file.

How do I reply to the entire group in an email? would save time for all?
Thanks in advance for any counsel on this matter.

When you post a file as I just described, everyone reading the post has access to the attachment. This public forum is not quite the same thing as a private email. If you have a need to communicate privately with someone on this forum, you may use the Message feature. See the message box associated with your user name or another individual’s user name as an example. Click the username to get the Message box to appear. Using that feature allows you to directly write to only that individual.

Try this: