Square to circle "adapter"


I’m new to skecthup and i have a basic question, since googleing and searching YA did not help: i would like to make a “pipe” that is like an adapter from a rectangular pipe to a circular pipe. I am looking for a smooth transition without hard edges!

There are a number of ways to do that. The easiest would be to use a plugin such as Fredo6’s Curviloft. It can also be done manually by dividing the edges of the rectangle and stitching the circle and rectangle together with straight lines.

On the left I started it manually. You can see how I drew lines to form triangles. On the right was a quick run with Curviloft which is available from Sketchucation.


Thank you! Just what i was looking for! :smiley:

See this topic…

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Here’s another quick step sheet…

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Thanks again! A very helpful community! I will too try my best to help others, once i know what i am doing!