"MAJ Rail" for architecture

Hello guys,
For drawing rail, I think “MAJ Rail” a free extension will be useful also simple to use. Till now, this extension has 2 types for rails but it is possible to add more types. Please let me know your idea about this extension. The rail can have many poles and complex shapes. Following you can see one sample picture.


From where is it available? Extension Warehouse? SketchUcation Plugin Store? Somewhere else?

It is available in Extension Warehouse.

Hello, your Plugin unfortunately does not apply the manufacturing standards, which is a shame.
Height 910mm from the stair nosing above the ramp and 1010mm from the landing above the ramp.
Thank you.

french translation with google

Hi, Your e-mail is not polite and maybe it is because of google translation.
Please show me your problem with the picture. As you can see in attached picture, size are right.
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hello Majid, sorry to have aufencé but I am French and indeed I use the translation :+1:.
I’m in the business and it’s just to help you develop Maj Stair.
I am attaching a picture to you.
Thank you for your speed in responding to me.
Thank you Fabien

50cm seems to be a VERY short railing height. That is about the height of my knee.


the coast at the crawl and at the right are not the same.
I tested several tools for the handrail and none respect this rule.

The sizing of a stair railing standards are:

Height of the handrail on the ramp in the horizontal section: 1000 mm
Height of the handrail on the ramp inclined portion: 900 mm
Distance between the bars on stair railings: 110 mm
Distance between smooth on staircase railing: 180 mm

Rail Height is from floor to above of the handrail or bottom of the handrail or middle of the handrail? For this plugin, I consider from floor to bottom of the handrail. It is clear in the picture I sent to you. In next version I will consider rail height till middle of handrail for all types of rails.

Always I forget I am living in Lilliput. I make attached picture especially for you.

Thank you for the answer.
pity he does not know managed 2 different heights.
Crawling and upright.
sorry for the translation

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Thank you for the second image. A 200cm (two meter) railing is extremely high - above to top of my head!

Is this the change you are wishing for? Consistent rail height measured from stair nose, rail ramp must coincide vertically with top stair?

Excuse my poor diagram, I’m on my phone.

Please wait for the “MAJ Rail” new version. It will publish after few days. Type C added to the new version. In all types, height will be from floor to middle of the handrail.

In inches the min. height at a landing or other walking surface is 42". For the stairs it is 34"-38", as long as it is a conforming handrail (correct cross-section) serving as a guard rail.

Yes that’s it, but apparently too complicated to do.
I have no sketchup plugin capable of doing this, same style builder 3.
Thank you

Please show me your problem by photo.

The photo is already there since yesterday.
It is the difference in height between the ramp of the staircase and to the right of the landing that does not work.
there is already a “fence maker” that does the same thing as you.
Good continuation

MAJ Rail Version 0.0.2 published. Please let me know your idea about it. To show probably problems please use photos from the extension.

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The following video is a good introduction to this extension.

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