Maintaining relative group position between multiple sketchup files



I have a complex model made of many different groups. I want to separate the groups into new sketchup files so I can add more detail to the individual groups. Then I want to export the main model and the individual groups into collada format. and in my OpenGL app I can replace the lowres main file groups with my highres groups dynamically.

How can I copy a group into a new sketchup file and preserve its position in relation to the other groups in the original file?


Have you tried using Paste in place?


Ah, that was easy. SO when exporting to collada it will maintain that position? it won’t be centered to 0,0,0?


I would create a datum point in your model (maybe use the main axes position) and draw a line(s) to that point within your various groups. When you bring in those separate groups to a new model you can then register them all by aligning the point at the end of that line to a common datum point, ensuring all groups are in the same relative position. (You can place that line on a layer so you can switch on its visibility.)
Otherwise, if these operations are not done in the same session, the clipboard data wont allow “paste in place” to work.


I don’t know how the Collada file respects the SketchUp model origin but I would imagine it would have to.


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