Importing Collada files in place?



I need to import many collada files that are parts of a larger model.
They have to be imported in place so they will register.

In the old Google version of Sketchup, when I imported them they would all load in the proper position and register perfectly. I could then save the new larger model in the Sketchup format.

In this new version they come in free floating, attached to the cursor and I can’t find any way to place them in the original position. This is useless. These are complex models and the registry of the different elements has to be perfect.

Is there any way to import the files in place like they did in the older Google version of Sketchup?


Define proper: origin? I think we solved this somehow with our Renderbots when people imported KMZ’s, but apparently not collada: I went back on Mac to 14, 15, 16, and they all do the same thing. Are you automating this? You can still inference specific points on the collada, and the move tool works pretty easily. But if thats not satisfactory, let’s figure out how to solve this.


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