Magic badge miracle

What’s about this magic badge, which is owned by a person with 0 posts?

Um… @jody really likes this person? :smile:

Truly this is Alex’s thing, she got a little carried away with the badges a while back… I think it’s only supposed to get manually “gifted” when a post is particularly notable. Honestly, I’m not a fan… I like to think that all posts are people working their magic. I’ll talk to her about it when she gets back in town.

In reviewing the badge, Omar has his own magic… maybe Alex just failed to notice that he hadn’t actually “worked it” on the forums yet.

Thanks for throwing me under the bus Jody!! :flushed: :grimacing: lolz

It is a badge that I apply to people whom I think are really workin’ their magic. But alas, we are all muggles here so I think it will be retired, and I do agree with Jody in that:

I wasn’t throwing you under the bus, I was acknowledging your enthusiastic enthusiasm of all the features when you first started sprucing up the forum. (c: